Sale Offers

Sale Offers

Get more value for every dollar you spend!

In addition to Low Everyday Pricing found on this website and in our Annual Reference Catalog, TLS™ partners with major suppliers to bring you ...more sales offers, more often. If you're not receiving our Sale catalogs or Web-only promotions, you're missing out on hundreds of ways to stretch your budget.

To receive TLS's Sale Offers, we invite you to sign up on this website for our Sale Catalogs and Web-only Email promotions. Also, please join us on Facebook... Fans receive exclusive FB-Only sale offers and contests!

Received a TLS Sale catalog? Use the catalog code on the back cover to see accurate sale prices for catalog items, while shopping on this website. Just set up a secure, web account and log in. You'll be prompted to enter a catalog code. Sale prices on catalog products will be shown accurately on product pages and once selected, prices will be carried into your shopping cart.

For the fastest ordering, we recommend using "Express Order". To receive sale prices on items appearing in a current catalog, just enter the catalog code before adding items into your list. Catalog sale prices will be shown in your shopping cart.

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