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We'll make finding the right product at the right price...EASY!

Looking for innovative products that meet your budget constraints takes time...Let TLS help you to find the right product for your needs. Whether you need a large volume quote for supplies or guidance on furnishings, our Bids and Contract specialists save you time and money.

Volume Pricing on Furnishings & Supplies - Save money on the products you use every day

  • Stretch Your Budget ...Choose the TLS brand for superior quality library supplies at a better price
  • Custom Products ... We can provide unique supplies or furnishings that meet your exact needs
  • Quantity Quote ... Get a Guaranteed Quote for volume orders in 24 Hours or Less

Product Expertise - Selecting the right product is easier with accurate information

  • Product Selection Guidance Assistance with product specifications to make the decision easier.
  • Special Order Items ...For help locating a "hard-to-find" product, we're just a phone call away!
  • Free Samples for Evaluation ...On supplies, fabrics, finishes and some furnishings

Room Renovation & New Library Installations - Shop for the best options from a variety of manufacturers

  • Budget Planning We can offer multiple furniture options that fit your budget.
  • Project Coordination ...From designing to installing - we'll coordinate every step.
  • Freight & Logistics ...We can ensure that all freight shipments arrive – on time.
  • Installation ...We offer professional installation services – nationwide.

Contact our design team for more information on our services. Creative Spaces by TLS™

Bids & Contracts
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