Protective Book Covers

Protective Book Covers
Protect your books and magazines from dirt, grease, food, spills and UV damage.
Protect your library books and extend circulation life! TLS™ has a broad selection of protective book coverings to protect against dirt, grease, food, spills, and even UV damage.

We offer a wide selection of Paper Back Book Covers including Book Savers™, Vista-Gloves™, Smart Cover™, Easy Cover®, Flex-Armor™, Dura-Gurad™ and Reddi-Covers®. Try our rigid covers for serious protection against dirt and tearing for your best loved paperback books.

TLS™ is the leading manufacturer in high-quality Book Jacket Covers. We proudly offer six different styles of Book Jacket Covers, including Center Slit™ Book Jacket Covers, Multi-Fit™ Book Jacket Covers, Open Edge™ Book Jacket Covers, Poly-Jac™ Book Jacket Covers, Processor™ Book Jacket Covers and Pro-Fit™ Book Jacket Covers.

Shop a variety of Book Laminate to protect your collection from dirt, grime and moisture. Laminate offers superior protection on books, magazines, pamphlets, documents, maps and posters.

Keep your Magazines pristine with our broad selection of Magazine Protection options. We offer Magazine Binders, Magazine Covers, Crystal-Shield® Magazine-Savers™, Vista-Gloves™ Slip-On Magazine Covers, Magazine Holders and Easy Hold™ Reinforcements.

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