TLS Atlantis Quickship Furniture Program

In-Stock ready for immediate shipment to your location!

TLS™ is on a mission to deliver to your location within 10 business days, but keep in mind, these items do sell out quickly and we must sell on a First Come First Serve Basis. All orders are based on current inventory levels and any delay in placing your order may result in additional lead times since we may have to replenish our inventory to fulfill your order.

When time is of the essence, our Quickship Program is specifically designed for a fast paced project. When critical deadlines need to be met, TLS™ can offer a complete Library Package consisting of Single-Faced Wood Shelving, Double-Faced Wood Shelving, Library Tables & Chairs and a Mobile Information Desk. It's that simple; select your desired package, Call, fax or order on-line and your order will ship from our warehouse within 48 hours or less. Yes, it's that simple!!