Durable Cutting Mats with Trimming Guides
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Durable Cutting Mats with Trimming Guides

Self-healing mats protect desktops and provide long lasting durability

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  • Durable cutting mats feature a self-healing cutting surface and hard backing so blades won't cut through
  • Blue or Translucent, 1/8" thick, 5-layer PVC construction provides maximum healing capabilities
  • An essential tool for trimming book covers and general library material processing
  • Preprinted 1/2" grid for easy sizing of paper
  • PVC material protects blades from becoming dull
Material:  1/8" thick, 5-layer, self-healing, Blue or Translucent PVC plastic
Style:  1/2" and metric grid pattern with angle guidelines
Overall Dimension:  
12"W x 18"L
18"W x 24"L
24"W x 36"L
Shipping Method:  Ground

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