Col-R-Lock Tinted See-Thru Label Protectors

Easily color-code books for quick identification

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  • 3.9-mil polyester protection
  • Colors is "locked-in" between 2 plies of archival rated polyester films, offering ultimate scuff/scratch and fade resistance
  • Bright bold translucent colors offer color-coding identification while allowing information to be read through the protector
  • Non-yellowing and crack resistant protection for extended application life
  • Rounded corner design reduces lifting and prevent corner lift-up
  • Natural UV blocking properties built into Col-R-Tone™ ink systems for added fade resistance
Mil Thickness:  3.9-mil
Material:  Polyester
Adhesive:  Pressure-Sensitive
Finish:  Gloss
Quantity/Roll:  250/Roll
Label Size:  
7/8"H x 1-1/4"W
1"H x 3"W
1-1/4"H x 2"W
1-1/4"H x 3-1/8"W
2"H x 3"W
3/4" Diameter
1" Diameter
Shipping Method:  Ground

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