360° Full Round Security Mirrors
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360° Full Round Security Mirrors

Eliminate blind spots in libraries, offices, hallways and warehouses

Retail Price: $90.39-$347.91
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  • Convex Detection Mirrors are first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage
  • Increases aisle visibility and eliminates blind spots
  • Excellent as safety mirrors in preventing accidents
  • Mirror is lightweight, fade-proof and unbreakable with top-quality silvering and near-perfect convexing which affords the widest angle of vision
  • Distortion free and mounts on walls or ceilings with steel swivel mount
Construction:  High Impact Acrylic
Available Sizes:  
12" Diameter
18" Diameter
26" Diameter
30" Diameter
36" Diameter
Shipping Method:  Ground

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