Joy Carpets Creature Calls™ Rug
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Joy Carpets Creature Calls™ Rug

What kind of sounds do the animals make

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  • Can you find the duck?
  • What sound does the duck make?
  • What color is the duck?
  • Can you find that color on other animals?
  • This carpet has so much fun learning about nature, sounds, colors, counting, letters and more!
  • Creature Calls™ is a favorite teaching tool in the Pre-K classroom
  • Bound and double-stitched surging for maximum durability
  • Carpet stays 30% cleaner and lasts 50% longer
Material:  High twist 100% Nylon
Component Style:  Rectangle
Backing:  SoftFlex®Backing
Compliant:  Class I Flammability Rating, Green Label Plus, 100% STAINMASTER®Nylon LotusFX Fiber Shield™
Small: 5 ft. 4" x 7 ft. 8"
Large: 7 ft. 8" x 10 ft. 9"
Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Wear
Shipping Method:  Ground

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