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cubelets™ Robot Blocks

Watch as the drawing takes shape and your fantasy comes alive!

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  • Pre programmed blocks that connect to build thousands of robots
  • There's no wrong way to build with cubelets, so it is remarkably easy to transform these blocks into brilliant bundles of robotic curiosity
  • Teachers and students love cubelets because they are open ended, creative, innovative and accessible
  • Students don't need to know how to code to construct robots with Cubelets
  • When they are ready for the challenge, they can learn coding with Cubelets Blockly
  • This versatility makes these robot blocks the ideal learning tool for students of all ages and knowledge levels
  • To expand the potential, attach the included brick adapters to bring robotic behavior to lego like constructions
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Image Description Item No. Options Price Qty
cubelets™ Discovery Set cubelets™ Discovery Set
10-00100 $272.92 $195.95
cubelets Mini Makers Educator Pack cubelets Mini Makers Educator Pack
10-00103 $2,423.92 $1,615.95
cubelets Creative Constructors Educator Pack cubelets Creative Constructors Educator Pack
10-00104 $2,512.42 $1,674.95
cubelets Inspired Inventors Educator Pack cubelets Inspired Inventors Educator Pack
10-00105 $6,800.92 $4,533.95
cubelets Battery Essentials Pack cubelets Battery Essentials Pack
10-00111 $284.92 $189.95
cubelets Bar Graph Cubelet cubelets Bar Graph Cubelet
10-00112 $69.62 $40.95
cubelets Battery Cubelet cubelets Battery Cubelet
10-00113 $95.12 $55.95
cubelets Blocker Cubelet cubelets Blocker Cubelet
10-00114 $59.42 $34.95
cubelets Bluetooth Hat cubelets Bluetooth Hat
10-00115 $130.82 $42.95
cubelets Brightness Cubelet cubelets Brightness Cubelet
10-00116 $59.42 $34.95
cubelets Distance Cubelet cubelets Distance Cubelet
10-00117 $69.62 $40.95
cubelets Drive Cubelet cubelets Drive Cubelet
10-00118 $79.82 $46.95
cubelets Flashlight Cubelet cubelets Flashlight Cubelet
10-00119 $59.42 $34.95
cubelets Inverse Cubelet cubelets Inverse Cubelet
10-00120 $59.42 $34.95
cubelets Knob Cubelet cubelets Knob Cubelet
10-00121 $69.62 $40.95
cubelets Maximum Cubelet cubelets Maximum Cubelet
10-00122 $59.42 $34.95
cubelets Minimum Cubelet cubelets Minimum Cubelet
10-00123 $59.42 $34.95
cubelets Passive  Cubelet cubelets Passive Cubelet
10-00124 $59.42 $34.95
cubelets Rotate  Cubelet cubelets Rotate Cubelet
10-00125 $95.12 $55.95
cubelets Speaker  Cubelet cubelets Speaker Cubelet
10-00126 $69.62 $40.95
cubelets Temperature  Cubelet cubelets Temperature Cubelet
10-00127 $59.42 $34.95
cubelets Threshold  Cubelet cubelets Threshold Cubelet
10-00128 $69.62 $40.95
cubelets Brick Adapter 4-Pack cubelets Brick Adapter 4-Pack
10-00129 $28.82 $16.95
cubelets 5-Port Charger cubelets 5-Port Charger
10-00130 $69.62 $40.95