HamiltonBuhl® Intermediate Skill Level STEAM Starter Pack

Bring STEAM curriculum to life with this STEAM Starter Pack full of coding and block-building robot engineering kits as well as the 3D printing pen!

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  • Tomorrow's inventors and problem‐solvers are today's students, teaching them a better understanding of STEAM concepts will be essential in preparing them for the careers of tomorrow
  • Ideal for elementary grades, but can also be used in middle school grades, where STEAM concepts are just being introduced
  • Each product comes with FREE downloadable lesson plans
  • Aligned to the required standards, the lesson plans include worksheets, teacher's guides, evaluation rubrics and more
  • What a turn-key and convenient way to introduce STEAM education into the classroom ‐ this is literally, a solution right out of the box

    Intermediate Skill Level STEAM Starter Pack Includes:
    • (1) Edison Educational Robot Kit ‐Set Of 2
    • (2) HB Invent! Kit - Robot Assembling And Coding
    • (2) Boost-R-Bots™ - Educational Robot Kit
    • (1) 3D Magic Pen™ ‐ 3D Printing Pen
    • (3) ABS Filament Pack Of 15 Vibrant Colors For 3D Magic Pen™
    • (1) AirComfort™ Climate Tracking Device
    • (1) Animation Studio Kit
    • (1) Green Screen Production Kit
    • (1) ChronoQuest™ 3D Interactive Augmented Reality Timeline

Edison Educational Robot Kit Includes:  Program Edisons with a number of free software applications and barcodes,FREE Robotics Education Lesson Plans,Built to last ‐ Rugged and tough
HB Invent! Kit:  Programmable ‐ free, open source graphical programming software,Easy to follow coding instructions, Multiple Lesson Plans and Curriculum Guide
ChronoQuest&tradeugmented Reality Timeline:  Each ChronoQuest tube contains 5 full‐length laminated posters, 27" x 10",View AR content with FREE app available for both Android and IOS devices,Suitable for all ages ‐ across all grade levels ‐ from grades K‐12
Boost‐R‐Bots™ Robot Kit:  Free Step‐by‐step guide on how to build 15 more and more complex robots,80 blocks of various shapes and sizes,For K‐12 grade levels
Animation Studio Kit:  Edit and watch animations with included stop-motion software,720p HD webcam with bendable gooseneck for optimal positioning and non-slip base,For Windows or Mac
Green Screen Production Kit:  Video as news broadcasts, weather forecasts, short reviews, virtual visits to far away places ‐ all against a green screen ‐ easily add any background,Import images, slides or PDFs,Features split screen and picture‐in‐picture
AirComfort™ Climate Tracking Device:  Track, evaluate, compare, and customize data,Analyze temperature and humidity changes from day to day, and season to season,Free app helps track and chart all the data
3D Magic Pen™:  Easy grip design,Self-feeding motor to advance filament, Adjustable feed speed
3D Magic Pen™ Filament Pack:  10 feet long, 1.75mm thickness,(3)15 different colors (white, black, brown, orange, blue, yellow, purple,green, red, gray, pink, light pink, light yellow, light green, light gray)
Warranty:  1 Year
Shipping Method:  Ground

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