Oklahoma Sound® Power Plus Mid Sized Lectern
Mahogany Mahogany
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Oklahoma Sound® Power Plus Mid Sized Lectern

Lectern ideal for smaller venues - meeting halls, conference rooms, cafeterias & audiotoriums

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  • Beautiful Mahogany high-pressure laminate finish
  • Powered mid size lectern
  • Two microphones (one handheld, one tie clip)
  • Gooseneck arm
  • Input/Output for media players
  • Extension speakers, recording and playing MP3s
  • Convenient shelf space storage
  • Durable, scratch resistant surface
Construction:  High pressure thermal fused laminate on MDF core
Power Output:  30 watts
Microphones:  Handheld with 9' cable, Tie-Clip/Lavaliere with 10' cable
Speakers:  Four 8" full range
Input:  Two mics, one Aux
Wireless:  Switchable, two frequency
Output:  Line out 1: Extension Seaker, Line out 2: Media Recorder
Controls:  Four Volume, Bass/Treble, On/Off
Fuse:  Internally mounted, 2A
Power Supply:  117V AC;12V DC with Optional battery
Recharger:  Internally mounted with LED indicator
Inside Shelf Dimensions:  12-1/2"W x 4-1/4"D
Overall Dimensions:  46"H x 22"W x 17"D
Warranty:  10 Year Limited
Shipping Method:  Ground
Number of Cartons:  1

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