bibliotheca® RFID Wide Aisle Detection gate - Direct Mount, 1 Aisle
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bibliotheca® RFID Wide Aisle Detection gate - Direct Mount, 1 Aisle

The most accommodating, wide aisle security gate

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Offering the most accommodating aisle entrance for libraries, the RFID gate premium is perfect for wheelchairs, wide strollers, and large groups of students. With a modern and stylish clear panel design, the bibliotheca® RFID gate™ premium effectively deters theft of valuable library materials while elegantly enhancing the library aesthetic. By increasing the width of the aisles, libraries create a more welcome and inviting entrance, easy for wheelchairs and strollers to pass through. The extended aisle gate allows libraries to place gates wider apart without compromising on detection rates. Bibliotheca® has increased the RFID antennas in each pedestal to ensure items are detected in a variety of ways they would pass through the threshold. This increased detection safeguards your collection, as you will always be warned of potential theft. Each gate has an integrated bi-directional people counter that helps staff easily view and analyze both inbound and outbound library traffic patterns. Immediate and obvious warning signal immerses the entire gate, drawing staff attention quickly. With 7 colors to choose from combined with an adjustable audible alarm, libraries can choose the perfect alarm for their environments. Bibliotheca® designed their gates for simple set-up and maintenance so our trained technicians can cause little disruption to your library. This also allows your staff to quickly troubleshoot any concerns with our dedicated phone support teams. Designed with energy saving features in mind, the power save mode only activates RFID detection when people are approaching. This green feature saves the library energy costs during off-peak times.
Construction:  Clear Panels, with ABS light textured base
Dimensions:  70"H x 27-1/2"W x 2-7/8"D
Shipping Method:  Truck

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