Dremel® 3D Printer Filament

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Cotton White
Cotton White Cotton White
Dremel Blue
Dremel Blue Dremel Blue
Eco-ABS-Deep Black
Eco-ABS-Deep Black Eco-ABS-Deep Black
Electric Orange
Electric Orange Electric Orange
Gold Medal
Gold Medal Gold Medal
Grass Green
Grass Green Grass Green
Nylon-Deep Black
Nylon-Deep Black Nylon-Deep Black
Passion Pink
Passion Pink Passion Pink
PLA-Black PLA-Black
Purple Orchid
Purple Orchid Purple Orchid
Racecar Red
Racecar Red Racecar Red
Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon Silver Spoon
Translucent Translucent
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Dremel 3D Filaments are tested for hours to run flawlessly on Dremel 3D Printers to provide a very smooth surface for your creation.

PLA: Plant-based and recyclable
PLA Filament is a bioplastic that is the most commonly used filament in 3D printing. This filament is good choice for creating reliable, high detail prints. PLA is ideal for cosmetic prints used in low stress applications. It is a perfect option for beginners due to its ease of printing.

Eco-ABS: Similar Mechanical Properties to ABS Without the Harmful VOCs
Eco-ABS Filament is a modified version of PLA that offers the same high detail finish but with added strength, flexibility and durability. It is great for making durable mechanical parts with a smoother surface finish.

Nylon: Used For Practical Applications Due to Higher Strength and Durability
NYLON is a synthetic polymer that provides strong and flexible prints with heavy wear resistance. Nylon requires a little more care when printing, however it is ideal for parts that require strength or that endure wear over time, such as gears and working hinges.

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Material Options include:
  • Nylon: Deep Black
  • Eco-ABS: Deep Black
  • PLA: Deep Black, Grass Green, Dremel Blue, Gold Medal, Electric Orange, Cotton White, Racecar Red, Purple Orchid, Silver Spoon, Natural White Translucent, Passionate Pink
Dimensions:  1.75 mm x 532 ft.
Maximum Recommended:  428°F
Minimum Recommended:  374°F
Shipping Method:  Ground

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