Where Is…? 30 Book Set
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Where Is…? 30 Book Set

Learn about famous places!

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A natural expansion of the exceptional Who Was… ? and What Was… ? series, Where Is… ? focuses on a famous place: a landmark, a building, or a natural wonder. Perma-Bound® Library Bound, Grades: 3-7.

Set includes:
  • Where Is The Grand Canyon?
  • Where Is Mount Rushmore?
  • Where Is The Great Wall?
  • Where Is The White House?
  • Where Is The Empire State Building?
  • Where Is Mount Everest?
  • Where Are The Great Pyramids?
  • Where Is Niagara Falls?
  • Where Is The Brooklyn Bridge?
  • Where Is The Parthenon?
  • Where Is Alcatraz?
  • Where Is The Amazon?
  • Where Is The Great Barrier Reef?
  • Where Is Stonehenge?
  • Where Is The Colosseum?
  • Where Is The Taj Mahal?
  • Where Is The Eiffel Tower?
  • Where Are The Galapagos Islands?
  • Where Is Easter Island?
  • Where Is The Mississippi River?
  • Where Is Our Solar System?
  • Where Is The Bermuda Triangle?
  • Where Is Machu Picchu?
  • Where Is Walt Disney World?
  • Where Is Antarctica?
  • Where Is Area 51?
  • Where Is Broadway?
  • Where Is Hollywood?
  • Where Is The Kremlin?
  • Where Is The Tower Of London?
Series:  "Where Is? Biographies"
Interest Level:  4-7
Format:  Perma-Bound®Library Bound
Page Count:  103-112
Publisher/Imprint:  Penguin Group (USA)/Perma-Bound®Books
Author:  Multiple
Shipping Method:  Ground

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