Who Was…? Biographies III - 41 Book Set
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Who Was…? Biographies III - 41 Book Set

Explore the world these famous people lived in!

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Even more famous people! We've created a third set of this very popular book series filled with stories of their lives told in fun and engaging ways. Everyone has heard of at least one of these famous people. Stories of their lives are told in fun, engaging ways that clearly explore the world they lived in and changed. Illustrations and a low reading level make this an accessible biography series for upper elementary students. Perma-Bound® Library Bound, Grades: 2-7.

Set includes:
  • Who Was Julia Child?
  • Who Was Marie Antoinette?
  • Who was Seabiscuit?
  • Who Was Blackbeard?
  • Who Was George Washington Carver?
  • Who Was Frank Lloyd Wright?
  • Who was Sojourner Truth?
  • Who Was Maya Angelou?
  • Who Was Joan of Arc?
  • Who Was Alexander the Great?
  • Who Was Jules Verne?
  • Who Was Milton Bradley
  • Who Was Mad Libs
  • Who Were The Three Stooges?
  • Who Was Jacqueline Kennedy?
  • Who Was Charlie Chaplin?
  • Who Was Lucille Ball?
  • Who Was Cesar Chavez?
  • Who Was Princess Diana?
  • Who Was Pete Seeger?
  • Who Was Bob Marley?
  • Who Was Andrew Jackson?
  • Who Was Alexander Hamilton?
  • Who Was Fidel Castro?
  • Who was Lewis Carroll?
  • Who Was Chuck Jones?
  • Who Was Jane Austen?
  • Who Was Coretta Scott King?
  • Who Was Booker T. Washington?
  • Who Was Henry VIII?
  • Who Was Aretha Fanklin?
  • Who Was Leif Erikson?
  • Who Was Selena
  • Who Were the Tuskegee Airmen?
  • Who Was Neil Armstrong?
  • Who Was Nikola Tesla?
  • Who Was Napoleon?
  • Who Was Norman Rockwell?
  • Who Was H.J. Heinz
  • Who Was P. T. Barnum?
  • Who Was Che Guevara?
Series:  "Who Was? Biographies"
Interest Level:  2-7
Format:  Perma-Bound®Library Bound
Page Count:  103-112
Publisher/Imprint:  Penguin Group (USA)/Perma-Bound®Books
Author:  Multiple
Shipping Method:  Ground

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