Horton Hears A Who! Book and Plush Set
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Horton Hears A Who! Book and Plush Set

Horton tries to protect tiny creatures on a speck of dust!

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Horton, the lovable elephant, tries to protect tiny creatures on a speck of dust. Surely among the most lovable of all Dr. Seuss creations, Horton the Elephant represents kindness, trustworthiness, and perseverance — all wrapped up, thank goodness, in a comical and even absurd package. Horton hears a cry for help from a speck of dust, and spends much of the book trying to protect the infinitesimal creatures who live on it from the derision and trickery of other animals, who think their elephant friend has gone quite nutty. But worse is in store: an eagle carries away the clover in which Horton has placed the life-bearing speck, and "let that small clover drop somewhere inside of a great patch of clovers a hundred miles wide!" Horton wins in the end, after persuading the "Whos" to make as much noise as possible and prove their existence.

This classic is not only fun and an easy reader with delightful verse and pictures, but a great way to introduce thoughtful children to essentially philosophical questions. How, after all, are we so sure there aren't invisible civilizations floating by on every mote? A book no childhood should be without. Follow along in this crazy, classic, large-formatted book with a slightly smaller print than the Beginner titles and has more sentences or paragraphs per page and an overall bigger binding. Dr. Seuss's humorous but thought-provoking books are ideal for independent readers or reading aloud and are perfect for sparking lively discussions about varied subjects. Kids will want to read this story again and again! Plush make perfect reading companions and wonderful additions to storytelling or free reading time! Hardcover, Grades: 1-4

Set includes:
  • Horton Hears a Who! Book
  • 6" Horton the Elephant™ Plush
Grade Level:  1-4
Age Range:  6-9
Format:  Hardcover
Plush Dimensions:  6" H

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