Who Was…? Biographies II - 46 Book Set
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Who Was…? Biographies II - 46 Book Set

Explore the world these famous people lived in!

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Everyone has heard of at least one of these famous people. Stories of their lives are told in fun, engaging ways that clearly explore the world they lived in and changed. Illustrations and a low reading level make this an accessible biography series for upper elementary students. Perma-Bound® Library Bound, Grades: 2-7.

Set includes:
  • Who Was Alexander Graham Bell?
  • Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder?
  • Who Was Ernest Shackleton?
  • Who Was Milton Hershey?
  • Who Was Frida Kahlo?
  • Who Was Nelson Mandela?
  • Who Was Abigail Adams?
  • Who Was Louis Braille?
  • Who Was Theodore Roosevelt?
  • Who Was Bruce Lee?
  • Who Were the Wright Brothers?
  • Who Was Ulysses S. Grant?
  • Who Was Robert E. Lee?
  • Who Was Queen Victoria?
  • Who Was Clara Barton?
  • Who Was Muhammad Ali?
  • Who Was Marie Curie?
  • Who Was Henry Ford?
  • Who Was Roberto Clemente?
  • Who Was Isaac Newton?
  • Who Was Rachel Carson?
  • Who Was Susan B. Anthony?
  • Who Was Julius Caesar?
  • Who Was Gandhi?
  • Who Was Alfred Hitchcock?
  • Who Was Genghis Khan?
  • Who Was Grederick Douglass?
  • Who Was Sitting Bull?
  • Who Was Charles Dickens?
  • Who Was Stan Lee?
  • Who was Andy Warhol?
  • Who Was Betsy Ross?
  • Who Was Galileo?
  • Who Was Robert Ripley?
  • Who Was Jesus?
  • Who Was Jacques Cousteau?
  • Who Was Winston Churchill?
  • Who Was Harriet Beecher Stowe?
  • Who Was Mother Teresa?
  • Who Was Steve Irwin?
  • Who Was Woodrow Wilson?
  • Who Was J.R.R. Tolkien?
  • Who Was Beatrix Potter?
  • Who Was Jesse Owens?
  • Who Was Edgar Allan Poe?
  • Who Were the Brothers Grimm?
Series:  "Who Was? Biographies"
Reading Level:  K
Interest Level:  2-7
Format:  Perma-Bound®Library Bound
Page Count:  103-112
Publisher/Imprint:  Penguin Group (USA)/Perma-Bound®Books
Author:  Multiple
Shipping Method:  Ground

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