What Was…? 28 Book Set
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What Was…? 28 Book Set

Key events that have shaped history!

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"What Was… ?" focuses on key events that have shaped history… great battles, protests, discoveries, and revolutions. Perma-Bound® Library Bound, Grades: 3-7.

Set includes:
  • What Was The Battle of Gettysburg?
  • What Was The Boston Tea Party?
  • What Was The Gold Rush?
  • What Was The March on Washington?
  • What Was Pearl Harbor?
  • What Was The First Thanksgiving?
  • What Was The Alamo?
  • What Was The Underground Railroad?
  • What Was Pompeii?
  • What Was Ellis Island?
  • What Was The Lewis and Clark Expedition?
  • What Was The Hindenburg?
  • What Was D Day?
  • What Were The Salem Witch Trials?
  • What Was Hurricane Katrina?
  • What Was The Great Depression?
  • What Was Woodstock?
  • What Were The Twin Towers?
  • What Was The Great Chicago Fire?
  • What Was The San Francisco Earthquake?
  • What Was The Age of the Dinosaurs?
  • What Was The Wild West?
  • What Was The Holocaust?
  • What Was The Ice Age?
  • What Was The Titanic?
  • What Was Stonewall?
  • What Was The Vietnam War?
  • What Were The Roaring Twenties?
Series:  "What Was"
Grade Level:  4-7
Format:  Perma-Bound®Library Bound
Page Count:  105-108
Publisher/Imprint:  Gosset & Dunlap/PermaBound Library Bound
Author:  Various
Shipping Method:  Ground

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