Goddess Girls 26 Book Set
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Goddess Girls 26 Book Set

Whoever said being a goddess is easy?!

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Whoever said being a goddess is easy? Follow four best friends, Athena, Persephone, Aphrodite and Artemis as they negotiate the ins and outs of Mount Olympus Academy. Perma-Bound® Library Bound, Grades: 2-7.

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Set includes:
  • Athena The Brain Book
  • Persephone The Phony Book
  • Aphrodite The Beauty Book
  • Artemis The Brave Book
  • Athena The Wise Book
  • Aphrodite The Diva Book
  • Artemis The Loyal Book
  • Medusa The Mean Book
  • Pandora The Curious Book
  • Pheme The Gossip Book
  • Persephone The Daring Book
  • Cassandra The Lucky Book
  • Athena The Proud Book
  • Iris The Colorful Book
  • Aphrodite The Fair Book
  • Medusa The Rich Book
  • Amphitrite The Bubbly Book
  • Hestia The Invisible Book
  • Echo The Copycat Book
  • Calliope The Muse Book
  • Pallas The Pal Book
  • Nyx The Mysterious Book
  • Clotho The Fate Book
  • Eos The Lighthearted Book
  • The Girl Games: Super Special Book
  • Medea The Enchantress Book
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