Who Was…? Biographies I - 47 Book Set
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Who Was…? Biographies I - 47 Book Set

Explore the world these famous people lived in!

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Everyone has heard of at least one of these famous people. Stories of their lives are told in fun, engaging ways that clearly explore the world they lived in and changed. Illustrations and a low reading level make this an accessible biography series for upper elementary students. Perma-Bound® Library Bound, Grades: 2-7.

Set includes:
  • Who Was Sacagawea?
  • Who Was Ben Franklin?
  • Who Was Albert Einstein?
  • Who Was Annie Oakley?
  • Who Was Maria Tallchief?
  • Who Was Harry Houdini?
  • Who Was Amelia Earhart?
  • Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
  • Who Was Thomas Jefferson?
  • Who Was Helen Keller?
  • Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?
  • Who Was Mark Twain?
  • Who Was Ferdinand Magellan?
  • Who Was Louis Armstrong?
  • Who Was Johm F. Kennedy?
  • Who Was Ronald Reagan?
  • Who Was Charles Darwin?
  • Who Was Johnny Appleseed?
  • Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?
  • Who Was Thomas Alva Edison?
  • Who Were the Beatles?
  • Who Was King Tut?
  • Who Was Daniel Boone?
  • Who Was William Shakespeare?
  • Who Was Anne Frank?
  • Who Was Marco Polo?
  • Who Was Elvis Presley?
  • Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Who Was Queen Elizabeth?
  • Who Was Abraham Lincoln?
  • Who Was George Washington?
  • Who Was Walt Disney?
  • Who Was Claude Monet?
  • Who Was Pablo Picasso?
  • Who Was Franklin Roosevelt?
  • Who Was Jim Henson?
  • Who Was Rosa Parks?
  • Who Was Jackie Robinson?
  • Who Was Dr. Seuss?
  • Who Was Paul Revere?
  • Who Was Babe Ruth?
  • Who Was Steve Jobs?
  • Who Was Roald Dahl?
  • Who Was Sally Ride?
  • Who Was Christopher Columbus?
  • Who Was Maurice Sendak?
  • Who Was Davy Crockett?
Series:  "Who Was? Biographies"
Reading Level:  K
Interest Level:  2-7
Format:  Perma-Bound®Library Bound
Page Count:  103-112
Publisher/Imprint:  Penguin Group (USA)/Perma-Bound®
Author:  Multiple
Shipping Method:  Ground

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