Natural Disasters Eyewitness DVD
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Natural Disasters Eyewitness DVD

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Volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, avalanches, droughts, fires and meteorites are just a few of natures destructive forces explored in this exciting program. Students will learn about global effects, explore causes, unearth historic disasters and understand the impact that natural disasters wreak on humans and our habitats. Part of the multivolume Eyewitness DVD Series. A Teachers Guide is included and available online. Based on the revolutionary book series Eyewitness Natural World. Journey into a three dimensional virtual museum where live action photography creates the sensation of being inside the picture.
Series:  "Eyewitness"
ISBN:  1417100990
Grade Level:  4-Up
Age Range:  10-Up
Format:  DVD
Run Time:  27 minutes
Release Date:  1996, 2004
Awards:  1996 Emmy Award Winner, 1996 NEA Award, 1996 &1997 Golden Gate Awards, Chicago International Children's Film Festival Excellence in Children's Media
Narrator:  Andrew Sachs
Language:  English
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