Pond & River Eyewitness DVD
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Pond & River Eyewitness DVD

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More of the worlds creatures depend on ponds or rivers for life than any other habitat! In fact, although freshwater accounts for a miniscule 1/1,000,000th of the worlds water, it supports 50 percent of its species! This program focuses on Rivers: rivers as source of legend and religion, art, life and death, as home to a myriad of organisms both above and below the rushing surface, and mans long relationship with their life-giving properties. Explains how rivers form, how insects can alert us to problems with the quality of the water, and man's on-going love-hate relationship with the mighty Mississippi. In stark contrast to the rivers gouging, churning turbulence is the tranquility of the pond. Looks at the many different inhabitants of this unique ecosystem, considers the diseases associated with freshwater, and explains why so many creatures make the banks of ponds their home. Based on the revolutionary book series Eyewitness Natural World. Journey into a three dimensional virtual museum where live-action photography creates the sensation of being inside the picture. This DVD was published in conjunction with the 13-part PBS "Eyewitness Natural History" series.
Series:  "Eyewitness"
ISBN:  9780756628314
Grade Level:  2-Up
Age Range:  8-Up
Format:  DVD
Run Time:  35 minutes
Release Date:  1996, 2006
Awards:  1996 Emmy Award Winner, 1996 NEA Award, 1996 &1997 Golden Gate Awards, Chicago International Children's Film Festival Excellence in Children's Media
Narrator:  Martin Sheen
Language:  English
Shipping Method:  Ground

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