Cat Eyewitness DVD
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Cat Eyewitness DVD

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Can a cheetah outrun a sports car? Did cats help defeat the ancient Egyptians in battle? CAT follows the fascinating journey of these mysterious and adored animals, from the African savanna to the modern home. Along the way, you'll discover the secret lives of felines, great and small… their evolution, anatomy, habitat, behavior, and more.
Series:  "Eyewitness"
ISBN:  9780756662981
Grade Level:  2-Up
Age Range:  8-Up
Format:  DVD
Run Time:  35 minutes
Release Date:  1994, 2010
Awards:  1996 Emmy Award Winner, 1996 NEA Award, 1996 &1997 Golden Gate Awards, Chicago International Children's Film Festival Excellence in Children's Media
Narrator:  Martin Sheen
Language:  English
Shipping Method:  Ground

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