The Great Gatsby Marquee-Style Laminated Poster
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The Great Gatsby Marquee-Style Laminated Poster

Awaken student interest in classic literature!

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The Great Gatsby Movie Marquee-Style Laminated Poster reveals key elements of text analysis and presents classic literature in a most colorful and original way. A great way to highlight the study of classics in the classroom! Laminated for protection and durability. 27"H x 19"W.

Poster features:
  • Visual representations of setting, tone, and symbolism
  • Main characters listed in order of importance
  • A quintessential quote
  • An excerpt of a contemporaneous book review
  • Award, sales, or bestseller standing
  • Original publication date
  • Lexile level
Series:  Literature Movie Marquee-Style
Special Feature:  Laminated
Construction:  Paper
Dimensions:  27" H x 19" W
Shipping Method:  Ground

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