Informational Text Structures Posters - 4/Set
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Informational Text Structures Posters - 4/Set

Teach students five common structures in informational text!

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Colorful poster set focuses on five common structures used in informational text: description, sequence, problem and solution, compare and contrast, and cause and effect. Posters clearly explain each structure, show a common graphic organizer for it, and identify related signal words and questions. A valuable resource for students whether they are reading or writing text. Supports Common Core State Standards. Includes: 4 sturdy posters w/ reproducible activity sheets and a teacher's guide. Grades: 4-9.

Set includes:

  • List characteristics of something in vivid detail so that a reader can form a mental image of it

Sequence / Problem & Solution
  • Sequence Presents events in the order in which they happen, Problem & Solution Indentifies a problem and suggests one or more ways to solve it

Compare & Contrast
  • Identifies ways two or more items are alike and different

Cause & Effect
  • Identifies the results of an event or identifies the events that led up to a certain result
Series:  Skills Enhancement
Construction:  Paper
Dimensions:  22"H x 17"W
Grade Level:  4-9

Set includes:
  • 4 Posters
  • 4 Reproducible activity sheets
  • Teacher's guide
Shipping Method:  Ground

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