Reading Comprehension Posters - 4/Set - CLEARANCE -  Save 58%
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Reading Comprehension Posters - 4/Set - CLEARANCE - Save 58%

Teach students key reading strategies they can use!

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These posters focus on eight crucial reading comprehension skills: finding the main idea, looking for supporting details, identifying cause and effect, making predictions, summarizing, distinguishing fact from opinion, determining point of view, and drawing conclusions. Grades: 4-9

Set includes:

Summarize/Distinguish Fact From Opinion
  • To summarize means to state the main points in a piece of writing briefly. Here is a sentence that summarizes the paragraph below. Fascinating giraffe measurements include its amazing tongue and tail length, its height, its weight, and its foot size.
  • A fact is information that can be proven true. An opinion expresses a belief or personal preference. The measurements in the paragraph above are facts. It is the author's opinion that no other animal has such fascinating measurements.

Identify Cause And Effect/Make Predictions
  • A cause makes something happens. An effect is what happens because of a cause. In the paragraph below, the cause is Dad wanting to keep ducks off the pool. The effect is that he tries several different methods to get the ducks to leave.
  • A prediction is an educated guess about what will happen next. A reader may predict that Dad plans to dress as a dog and blow the horn to try- probably unsuccessfully- to scare the ducks away.

Determine Point Of View/Draw A Conclusion
  • Point of view is the perspective from which something is described. The paragraph below is written from the point of view from a tarantula owner's sister, who dislikes tarantulas.
  • A conclusion is a decision or judgment based on reasoning and the information included in a piece of writing. A reader could conclude that the author of this paragraph will never have a tarantula for a pet.

Find The Main Idea/Look For Supporting Details
  • The main idea is the most information an author wants a reader to learn from a piece of writing. The main idea of the paragraph below is that ostriches have many interesting characteristics.
  • Supporting details are information that shows that the main idea is true. In the paragraph above, the facts about an ostrich's speed, weight, eyes, and eggs are supporting details.
Series:  Skills Enhancement
Construction:  Paper
Dimensions:  22"H x 17"W
Grade Level:  4-9

Set includes:
  • 4 Posters
  • 4 Reproducible activity sheets
  • Teacher's guide
Shipping Method:  Ground

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