Reading Strategies Posters - 4/Set - CLEARANCE -  Save 58%
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Reading Strategies Posters - 4/Set - CLEARANCE - Save 58%

Teach students key reading strategies they can use!

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Use these posters to teach your students key strategies they can use before, during, and after reading in order to improve their comprehension and uncover the meaning of unknown words. Grades: 4-9

Set includes:

Before You Read
Before You Read You Can:
  • Look at the table of contents and chapter and section headings to get an idea about the structure of the book.
  • Make a prediction about the book after skimming the title, chapter headings, and illustrations.
  • Think about what you already know about the topic.
  • Ask questions you want answered while reading.
  • Know your purpose for reading.
  • Reading strategies are like keys. They help unlock meaning in text.

While You Read
While You Read You Can:
  • Re-read sentences and paragraphs you don't understand.
  • Figure out the meanings of words you don't know.
  • Read any headings, subheadings, and captions - don't skip them!
  • Look carefully at any charts, graphs, pictures, and maps.
  • Form pictures in your mind about what you are reading.
  • Think about whether your first predictions were correct.
  • Make new predictions.
  • Think about what you are learning while you read.
  • Make connections between what you are reading and what you already know.

When You See A Word You Don't Know
When You See A Word You Don't Know, You Can:
  • Re-read the sentence or paragraph to see if other words provide clues  about the word's meaning.
  • See if the word has a prefix, suffix, or root you know.
  • See if any pictures on the page provide meaningful clues.
  • Think of another word that would make sense in the sentence.
  • Look the word up in a dictionary or thesaurus.
  • Ask someone the word's meaning.

After You Read
After You Read You Can:
  • Think about what you learned while reading.
  • Decide which information was important.
  • Apply the information you learned while reading.
  • Summarize the text or retell the story.
  • Connect what you learned to something you already knew or an earlier experience.
Series:  Skills Enhancement
Construction:  Paper
Dimensions:  22"H x 17"W
Grade Level:  4-9

Set includes:
  • 4 Posters
  • 4 Reproducible activity sheets
  • Teacher's guide
Shipping Method:  Ground

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