Potato Chip Science Kit
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Potato Chip Science Kit

Snack on science!

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Make a science of snacks! Potato Chip Science is the book and kit that's an irresistible introduction to science. Merge creative fun and completely safe activities with lessons drawn from ecology, biology, forensics, acoustics, and more.

29 incredible experiments… plus one edible project… use potato chips, potatoes, potato chip bags, tubes, and lids. Recipient of The National Parenting Publication Gold Medal Award, and a Gold Brain Child Medal from Tillywig. Ages: 8-12. Kids can do the following snacktivities:

Bag Blaster - Bird Feeder - Chipmobile - Chip Analyzer - Chip-Ship Challenge - Chip-Tube Gobbler - Color Wheel - Compass - Composter - Confetti Can-non - CSI Detective Kit - Dancing Chips - Electric Wave - Flipper - Hydrofoil - Kissing Tubes - Kite - Mini Extermi-tater - Potato Bender - Potato Chip Crunchies - Potato Battery - Saucer Tosser - Shrunken (Potato) Head - Signal Mirror - Sound Spinner - Spud Crud - Spuddy Buddy - Walkie-Talkie - Windmill

Kit includes:
  • 96 page two-color book providing step-by-step instructions
  • Bag that can be turned into a kite, compass, or hydofoil
  • Digital sound chip that plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star… powered by a potato! (spud not included)
  • 6 inch propulsion pipe that launches spud pellets 50 feet!
  • Recyclable base (makes a great Chipmobile chassis!)
  • 6 optical stickers
  • 6 chip lids (the wheels of the Chipmobile!)
  • Spud-powered digital clock (once again, potato not included)
  • 4 zinc and copper electrodes
  • Googly eyes (Yeah!)
  • Wire connectors
  • Eco-friendly starch knife (to carve the Spuddy Buddy and Shrunken Potato Head)
  • Packing chips (used as ammunition for the Confetti Can-non!)
Gusseted Bag Dimensions:  12-1/4" H x 8-3/4" W
Book Dimensions:  10" H x 7" W
Grade Level:  2-6
Ages:  8-12
Shipping Method:  Ground

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